Carrickamore Quarries produces a full range of aggregate products for the road, construction and farming industries. This includes all sizes of NRA specified products, crushed aggregates, drainage stone, chippings, dust and shales. A gallery of some of the most common crushed products is displayed below.

Fill for underneath Concrete: S.R.21 Annex E Compliant Materials

Following the publication of the Report of the Pyrite panel in June 2012, the physical, chemical and petrographic requirements of material for use under concrete and footpaths has been revised. This revision is documented in Annex E of the standard recommendation S.R.21. If you are using material for such purposes please ensure that you request S.R.21 Annex E compliant material.

Quality Control

Carrickamore Quarries implements a strict quality policy which involves external testing along with internal testing at our dedicated on site lab. If you require any grading reports or certifications we will be happy to supply them on request.

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